Asphalt Enamel
  This product speciality/product line includes following grades, which are blended and oxidized with air for the production of speciality paving and industrial Grades on ASPHALT AIR BLOWING UNIT, commissioned in 1974 and subsequently expanded to cater to the future domestic demand:

Hy-Grip Polycoat - cold application for waterproofing.

Hy-Grip Primer
- for prime coating on civil structures, buildings, Godowns
and Industrial establishments, etc.

Hy -Kote Enamel
(BS-4147) - for protective coating of steel pipelines.

Hy-Carb Asphalt
(ASTM-D 312 & 449) - for damp proofing of civil structures,
buildings & godowns.

Hy-Carb Compound (ASTM) - for top sealing of automotive battery & dry battery cell.

Hy- Seals Joints
(ASTM-D-1190-60) - for sealing paving and concrete
expansion joints.

Hy-Cat Asphalt Emulsion
(ASTM-D-2397) - cold application for road

Hy-Bond Cut Back
(AASHTO,ASTM) - for primer and tack roads highways,
and runways.

Hy-Kote Synthetic Primer
(BS-4147) - for prime coating on steel pipelines


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