Bukhat Trading offers following services for developing and executing the projects in the aforementioned sectors of the industry as a:
Representation of Manufacturers  
  • Bukhat Trading can provide the best services as local representative to assist in sound marketing and developing the business in Pakistan.
  • Advance businesses information.
  • Preliminary reports competitive statements of past business to give you an idea of competitive price.
  • Future purchases and our suggestions to beat your competitor locally in Pakistan.
  • Market analysis and consumer response to the product for the future planning and market target.
  • After success, Bukhat Trading is an excellent conducing media between buyer and your company to achieve all of your company’s interests.

Product Marketing and Sales  
  • Bukhat Trading can look after Principal company’s interests and promotion of hi-tech products on long terms basis. Sound market intelligence network. Annual market surveys, reports and suggestions.
  • Bukhat Trading Staff is familiar with different working system requirements and marketing culture technique in Pakistan and overseas.
  • Active in MANA (Manufacture Agent National Association, USA). Using all best recommendations tools and techniques to provide better services.
After Sales Technical Support, Services and Training
  • The front staff of Bukhat Trading is a combination of hi-tech and working professional who are closely in touch with industry academic research and market trends. They can properly convey the hi-tech and or academic nature of your products in practicing costumer organizations, companies.
  • Capable of performing customer’s system studies for products support using slandered and tailored software.
  • Highly qualified staff with relevant advance degrees.
  • Capable of providing after sales/local services technical support which can be cost effective but hard and expensive for your company.
  • Seminars, symposiums, and training in academic, practicing, and field environments according to your product specification and requirement.
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