LIXI Imaging Scope
  Using the low energy of an Iodine-125 isotope source the Lixi Imaging Scope is perfect for applications where there is a need to image low-density materials in remote locations. The Lixi Imaging Scope is light weight and battery operated, which are ideal for field applications, and allows for immediate inspection when time is critcial. The Lixi Imaging Scope is manufactured to withstand severe environments and still perform reliably. In the poultry, bio-medical and general non-destructive testing industries the Lixi Imaging Scope provides time and money saving benefits that only truly portable x-ray system can provide. The Lixi Imaging Scope is the ultimate in portablility, durability, and safety.

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  • Light weight
  • Battery operated
  • 50 mm field of view
  • 27 kV energy
  • Small animal imaging
  • Package inspection
  • Circuit board inspection
  • Defect detection
  • Process validation
  • Poultry
  • Bio-Medical
  • Medical Device Mfg.
  • Electronics
  • Security
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