Designed for use in developing countries where mass immunization and curative care programs undertaken, the no more sharps ® Mini system combines a high-grade stainless steel cutting device connected to a security caged sharps container. With the needle & syringe tip inserted in the cutting aperture, the no more sharps ® system will amputate the hub from the syringe, destroying both the syringe and the needle, allowing the needle pieces to fall straight into the sharps container. The remaining unusable syringe goes then to waste or recycling. The BMDi no more sharps ® provides an extremely efficient and cost effective method of sharps disposal. It has been developed primarily for use in the healthcare and hospital industry in third world and developing countries, as well as in vaccination programs sponsored by WHO, the UN, PATH and UNICEF to provide safe disposal of used needles.

  • Australian Standards: AS 4031-1992
    Standards Conformance: BS 7320:1990


Occupational Health & Safety Benefits
Waste saving benefits - these alone pay for the device
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